Sundar Ladki Ki Tareef

Sundar Ladki Ki Tareef | सुंदर लड़की की तारीफ अंग्रेजी में



Sundar Ladki Ki Tareef In English, Hello friends, are you also looking for new words to compliment a girl. Do you want to compliment your Girlfriend. And you don’t know how to compliment a girl-girlfriend. So friends, today I have brought a beautiful message on this topic. This post is for you. Will prove to be very hardworking.

Because today I am going to tell you how to compliment a girl through poetry. Friends, praise is such a word that everyone likes to hear. Whether talking about a boy or a girl, everyone likes to hear their praise, it is often believed that girls like to hear more praise than boys, so send and share the status message to your girlfriend. This beautiful message. Do tell us your answer in the comment box. Hope you must have liked the messages prepared by us. thank you for giving your valuable time



  1. Compliment the girl or your girlfriend in this way.

I like your nature very much.
Your smile is really beautiful.
I love your sweet nature.
You are very sweet and very cute.
I love seeing your smiling face.
There is a different magic in your eyes.
I want to keep looking at your eyes and face
Really your dark eyes are very beautiful.
i love the way you think


Your smile is really beautiful.
You are very sweet and very cute.
There is a different magic in your eyes.
I want to keep looking at your eyes and face
Really your dark eyes are very beautiful.


Everything else pales in front of the light of your face.
Poonam’s moon is also half incomplete in front of you.


You are as delicate as a butterfly, as beautiful as a fairy.
Anjli, earlier there was a desire in my heart to meet you.
But now you have become my need of my forever life.


Anjli, you blow everyone’s senses with your smile.
How can we come to our senses my dear, youe smile again.


Sundar Ladki Ki Tareef


Sometimes your style is to steal my heart,
And sometimes to settle in my heart,
God has made you like the moon and our desire is to get the moon.


Whoever sees you, he definitely stumbles at once.
There is definitely some magic in your eyes.


Many people say that my lover is a piece of the moon.
Who should explain to them that the one I love is more expensive than the moon.


In every battle of life, we stood with you with a smile,
I know, my heart was safe from the sword, but I was cut off by your sweet smile.


There are thousands of guards on the silent face of life.
Often the wounds are deep even in the smiling eyes.
With whom sometimes we get angry without any reason.
Believe me, in reality the relations are of the heart only with them.




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