Good Night Gf Shayari English

Good Night Gf Shayari English | Good Night SMS For Gf English

Good Night

Good Night Gf Shayari English | Good Night SMS For Gf English



Hello dear friends, whether you love someone or love a woman, love is such an element whenever you spend some beautiful moments with someone and that person respects you and takes care of everything, If you care, then love Grow on its own grilfriend, which is absolutely necessary for the beginning of our heart to love someone in this way and then make that person forever. Wanting the love of our partner changes our lives completely.

It takes time for us to understand each other. So dear friends, today we have come with good night message for you ( good night gf shayari english, good night sms for gf english, good night sms english for gf, good night shayri for gf in english, good night, ) If you like, send us your replies, and love messages to your girlfriend, and share these love quotes in English language, be happy and happy at all times.


My heart beats you are mine forever you
You are my first and last vow,
My heart only wants you every moment,
You are my love and desire,
Good night my sweetheart. …


Your love for your love has given me a boost.
Made me love the beautiful way of love.
Nakhra of your form, of your beauty
Yes Your love has taught me to love


O my love, I am with you, in every form.
Beats heart, you because you are my pride.
The dream of my eyes is just you
Because my heart’s desire is just you


God bless the love that is in your name.
Even after the passing of a thousand years, we young.
God is happy with you when I meet you,
Says that you don’t ask for anything now.

Good Night Gf Shayari English

I love the beautiful habit of your love.
You have taught me the beautiful way of love.
I like your beautiful appearance
Your love has taught me to love
Good Night , my love


Tales of my evening are cast on your attitude,
You are praying for love from God
The hidden Profit in my heart is yours.
You are the sound of my throbbing throb.
Good Night My Love.


Do not know how we express you my love
I met innocent love with you. and me love
You are my, heart, my heart is my whole world.
This is my desire to meet you. with you love
Good Night My Life….


I am now yours, your my life
This my breath is hidden in your heart
Without you we cannot live even for a moment,
Every beginning of my love has been yours
Good Night My life,


Today I agree with the world.
I love you immensely
Every promise of love, I wanted you
I define love myself today
Good night my glory…


I cannot say world anything to everyone.
No one can tell the condition of heart except you
Every moment i miss you now
We can no longer live in this life without you.
Good night my love


Only the heart fills your heart Memories.
Then The heart goes to a different intoxication.
Then heart does not listen to me even a single thing,
Just insists on seeing you.
Good Night My Love


Honor your little my heart,
I will love you in the heart
love What you said day and dream
my love you I will understand at
Good night my darling


Good Night SMS For Gf


A moon is on the sky, and a moon is with me.
You also have a high name with the moon stars
Every night we are in love with you, deeply
Because your lovely sweet memories are with us !!


i Be with you every night,
Everything is about love and love,
We take you in my arms,
dear love , you are my life.
Good night dear


Used to smile at me moon
Everyday the moon used to shake on the roof.
I showed him the fief of the heavens a
Last night I showed him your picture.
Good night my darling


There was happiness everywhere from your arrival !!
You saw us with love and night came,
We were sitting in your beautiful hideout,
And it came to say good night,


Beautiful beautiful life is yours.
You are my life, your happiness is yours
Moon stars spread your praise everywhere
This is my life like your life


Beautiful your long , life is yours.
My life is yours, every happiness is yours.
Moon stars spread your praise everywhere.
My love Every happiness in this world is yours
Good night my darling


I can become windless and
be scattered in your breath
I am so lost in your love
No news then any time
Your love from your body in the love
Good night my life


Every night i love you you are my life
In the light of the lamp, there is talk of love your,
Today your love has become very salty
The songs of life are ours and voice is yours.


Let your lips touch my lips today
Let the lust of the heart be fulfilled today
There is nothing in my life except you.
Let me get lost in your arms tonight… !!
Good night my darling. …


Good night



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