Covid 19 Motivational Quotes English

Covid 19 Motivational Quotes English | Coronavirus Motivational quotes english


Covid 19 Motivational Quotes English | Coronavirus Motivational quotes english



Hello my dear friends, send messages for your family – Corona Motivational Quotes, Hindi and English, through our status, today for you, to encourage your fight against the Corona epidemic, to take care of your loved ones. If you like our message, then like our Facebook page, stay free from corona in your home. …. help the poor laborers as much as possible, now it is the responsibility of all of us, we have to defeat the corona virus, defeat the coronavirus (covid 19), make India the government thank you. ( covid 19 motivational quotes english, coronavirus motivational quotes english, coronavirus motivational slogan, coronavirus motivational quotes for students, )

The whole country is troubled by the corona virus and not knowing how many people are suffering from this, you have to take care of yourself, wash your hands clean every day and put a sanitizer mask on your face while going out. This message has to be spread among each other. We have to defeat Corona together, no one can rule India in Amar and will not be able to run. Come, let us all fight a war against Corona. Kill Corona




Life will meet again,
It’s time for corona
Can’t promise to meet friend
Corona has to fight together


Where are these locals hiding in their house
Lonely roads are lukewarm
Hi God what happened to the world
Only the appearance of milk seller is visible
Corona orgy. …..


Covid 19 Motivational Quotes English


Don’t be angry with yourself,
don’t be disheartened like this
Suppose this night is deep,
Keep hones, you don’t lose courage
The next morning is yours !!
Don’t be afraid of corona
fight hard. …..

Coronavirus Motivational quotes english
Coronavirus Motivational quotes english


Every street intersection is deserted,
Birds are in the sky, humans in closed cages
How is this chaos Corona – Corona
Human beings are also partners in this work. …


Everyone got out of the house, got hurt
How terrible is this epidemic
Corona has a bad condition for people
This disease is very strange …..


he a good head of the household, protect everyone
Lakshman Rekha, do not cross, beg with folded hands,
Whoever has come here on this earth has to go
It will take a while wait man, Corona will also go


We will win we will win
Every house – there is only
one slogan in the house
Bout, fight, fight
We have to defeat Corona.


Neither were us losers,
nor will we ever lose
We are Indians
We make the stone beeswax
Every such art comes to us…
Stop Corona….


Corona’s havoc is incurable
Add hands, don’t mix hands
If you meet someone,
keep a few Stay away steps,
Naja duaa salaam, pay from far away.


Coronavirus Motivational quotes


Corona’s havoc is incurable
Do not take it easy
Us doing something
Also serve the country
Don’t let this chance go in vain


It’s just a matter of few days, friends
Let’s do patriotism by staying at home,
We all come together,
From India, we eliminate Corona,


Spend some time at home…friends
Show some patience today…friends
From India, we eliminate Corona,
Corona has to fight together



As today Corona has not reached all over India but all over the world, we have to stay in our house and stop the corona chain from growing, we have to defeat the corona, do not be scared and compete, the elders and children are all about it. In order to give a good advice, start a good day, here are some precious, Corona messages, quotes to start your good day. With these inspiring quotes and pictures we have to remove the ignorance of the society and make the society alert and aware, be inspired by Corona which is a great way to brighten the day in Kovid-19 lockdown. While everything is closed, according to the government, now on Saturday, the lockdown will be kept on Sunday and all of them must follow the mask before going anywhere.

These quotes and precious Corona messages are inspiring, images will give you the best excitement. If you like our article, please share it and send it. … Government of India issued in public interest. …… Like our Facebook page. Thank you



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